Meet our Artisans

Celia and her Indigenous Quechua community in the Sacred Valley of Peru have been weaving using centuries old techniques that have been passed down for generations. Many of the patterns she and the women in her family use are all done by muscle memory, no patterns are used. As she tells it, "she started weaving before she could even read."  

Señor Manuel and the master weavers in his Indigenous community of Teotitlán del Valle make the incredible Zapotec tapestries we bring to you. Each is made using a pedal loom using wool that is naturally dyed from local earth elements.

Señor Marcel and his wife, Señora Ana, from Cajamarca, Peru use a pedal loom to create our Andean tweed. Marcel is avid about finding as many natural dyestuffs from local plants, bark, and insects. As he tells it, the Incas were known to use over 140 natural dyes and so far he's figured out how to make about 70.