About Us

Social Good Matters


Hi! I'm Cheryl, the face behind Picchu + Bold! I grew up globally minded. Born in the Bahamas to Peruvian and American parents along with an educational stint in Germany, I was destined to think beyond my marketplace. My innate curiosity lead me to humble artisans across the globe that were making uniquely beautiful handcrafted objects. Over and over I’d experience the genuine glee as they sold their handicrafts. I believe this is a globally shared dignity and internal pride that comes from supporting oneself through one’s skills. However, I'd also see some, due to various systematic factors, were more limited in accessing the same marketplaces. The barriers ultimately keeping them from sustainably earning from their craft and skills.

With my background, and inspired by my maternal Quechuan roots, I seek to create a bridge to an accessible marketplace, particularly for people rich in traditions, but too often marginalized. 

Handcrafted for the Greater Good


At Picchu + Bold everything is hand-selected with an eye for peak ("picchu") craftsmanship and bold beauty. We focus on the unique and one-of-kind, so there's no guarantee there will ever be another like it!  

We’re passionate about directly empowering people through business. By creating an accessible marketplace, marginalized global makers can sustainably be empowered to make the important investments they need to support their families, communities, traditions, and craft. 

Guided by fair trade principles, we ethically source and design small batch artisanal goods. Because social good matters, our goal is to bring color to you and your home through products that are handcrafted for the greater good! 

Can a purchase make an impact?  We believe it can.  And you can join us.