About Us

Cheryl of Picchu + Bold with baby alpacas


Hi! I'm Cheryl, the face behind Picchu + Bold! I love textures and vibrant colors. My Peruvian-American roots along with my Irish-Quechua ancestry influence my wanderlust. I've often found myself in rural villages, communities, and at off-the-beaten-path markets discovering one-of-kind items, and meeting incredible people rich in history along the way. These travels became the inspiration for wanting to share those experiences with all you through Picchu + Bold.

Picchu + Bold is a socially minded brand, focused on handmade designs and artisanal products- inspired by the beauty of global textiles + culture with rich histories. We support fair trade, believing that it empowers artisan partners with dignity and respect.

The meaning of Picchu + Bold has layers and roots (much like me!). Picchu is a Quechua word for Peak. While the most famous Peruvian peak is Macchu Picchu, it is also a special place to me. At 18, I visited Macchu Picchu with my mother. Just her and I. To this day, that trip is etched into my best memories. It opened my eyes to honoring the past and valuing the present. A value I still hold.

Our philosophy is simple, people first! Can a purchase make a positive social impact? We boldly believe it can. And you can join us!