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Social Good Matters

Hi! I'm Cheryl, the face behind Picchu + Bold! I grew up globally minded. For as long as I can remember, I’ve cared about social justice and interested in international development. Born in the Bahamas to Peruvian and American parents along with schooling across three continents, I was destined to think about people beyond my marketplace. My innate curiosity led me to humble artisans across the globe and to believe in the difference fair-trade makes for disadvantaged global artisans and makers.

Passion to make a difference, along with a love of family + culture + adventure, influenced me to take a leap of faith and create Picchu + Bold, a fair-trade marketplace. Fair-trade is a way to address poverty alleviation in developing countries. The philosophy is simple, people first! It’s not all about charity, instead it’s about empowering underserved artisans to develop their own sustainable business with dignity and respect.

We hand select everything with an eye for peak ("picchu") craftsmanship to make a bold difference. Our travels lead us to rural villages, communities, and off the beaten path markets, searching for artisans and makers to directly collaborate with. Guided by fair trade principles, we bring you unique products and they get a hand up with sustainable job creation. It’s a win-win. 

Quechua and beyond. We center around fair-trade products for you and your home from countries rich in traditions, but too often marginalized from the global marketplace. Inspired by my maternal Quechua roots we began by featuring Peruvian textiles, but we’re constantly expanding our fair-trade offerings!

Handcrafted for the Greater Good

Can a purchase make a positive social impact? We boldly believe it can.
And you can join us! 


Every purchase is an investment in empowering people through their crafts + skills to make the important decisions they desire for their future. That's why we say our products are, Handcrafted For The Greater Good

Our focus is on the unique and one-of-kind, so there's no guarantee there will ever be another like it!