Alpaca has amazing qualities! Between the two types of alpaca (Suri + Huacaya), it naturally comes in more than 50 earth tones. The fiber is warmerlighter, and is naturally hypoallergenic. It’s more durable than sheep wool, yet luxuriously soft like cashmere. Plus, it’s natural composite limits water and oil from easily penetrating it, which makes it water resistant and stain resistant. Amazing right? 

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Pure Baby Alpaca Fringe Throw Blanket
  • $190.00
  • From $142.50
Alpaca Suri Ivory Pillow Covers
  • $86.00
Alpaca Suri Champagne Pillow Covers
  • $86.00
Suri Alpaca Rug
  • $1,450.00
Baby Alpaca Orange Fuchsia Throw Blanket
  • $225.00
100% Baby Alpaca Yarn
  • $9.50