Meet Ana + Marcel

Ana + Marcel are a husband + wife team from Cajamarca, Peru and the skilled pedal loom weavers behind our Wooly Collection. They have been working with textiles since before they were in double digits. Initially, they started with helping their parents with gathering the local plants used for dyeing the wool. As Ana describes, "era juego" it was play and once she learned to spin and card the wool, she couldn't wait to start weaving her own creations. These traditions + skills eventually led to the craft that would become the family's source of income.

Ana + Marcel make for a unique team. They work together to do the whole textile process from beginning to end themselves. He's passionate about natural plant based dyes and finding new color combinations. (To date, he's found over 40 natural colors and hopes to find all 140+ Inca used color combinations. People in his community come to him to learn the art of plant based dyes and he hopes to some day build a textile school to preserve these ancient traditions.) While Ana helps him with the yarn dyeing, she oversees the carding + spinning of the wool. Both come together to weave textiles on their home created wooden pedal looms and stitch functional creations. From travel cases to backpacks + pouches we're loving to collaborate with them to bring you exclusive creations. 

There's nothing like the human hands and passionate hearts that go into making every one of our products. 

Weaving on a pedal loomSewing pouches